From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges


sexual assault

You Were Supposed to Protect Me

Dear Dad, It’s been 20 years since the day I sat in the shower, crying in shame and anguish, as I watched the blood flow down the drain. I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember his... Continue Reading →


These two words have taken social media by storm since yesterday. Thanks to a suggestion made by a friend to Alyssa Milano the words "me too" is trending with incredible impact. When I first saw Milano's request on Instagram I'll... Continue Reading →

I Forgive You

I missed my post yesterday but wanted to make sure I keep the at least twice a week posts going. It's been a little hard (really, it's just being lazy) to do it so I'm forcing myself to now. As... Continue Reading →

We Are Survivors

I didn't sleep last night. I tossed and turned because I could only think about this post. On a night that I should be happy about speaking out - even a subtle as I did. It has taken years for... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare

It wasn't a good night. I spent much of the night tossing or turning or refusing to sleep in fear it would all come back. On a Sunday, this is not how I intended things to work out. This is... Continue Reading →

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