From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges



mPact 2017

I can't believe the 2017 school year is up. Well, I can. But, I almost feel at a loss. Today, I will walk into the Rainbows class and be Ms. Pearls for the last time this year, the time has... Continue Reading →

Sleepy Time

You ever sit in front of your computer at work and get incredibly drowsy where you literally have to fight to keep your eyes open? Well, that’s me right now. For about the last few days. To be fair, I... Continue Reading →

For the Love of…Phobias

First, I have to say, welcome to the first ever For the Love of...! Thanks for the patience of me being MIA. I was gone for a while and I'm trying to get things up and going so bear with... Continue Reading →

For the Love Of…

I took a little break in writing the last two weeks. Between focusing on the licensing for foster care, beautiful weather, and multiple road trips in May, I needed a break to just kinda not do anything with my brain.... Continue Reading →

A Year of Forgiveness

It's that time of year where the ladies from the church steal away for a few days to spend time together in God's word and become rejuvenated. This is only my second year being a part of this retreat but... Continue Reading →

A Different Route

Today after a fun afternoon in the sun the day before I got up a little late. Subsequently I left home a few minutes later than I needed. The road that I live on, unfortunately, is a pretty busy road. It... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness on Negativity

I'm tired of the prejudice and stigma that society has created for mental illness. I'm tired of feeling like I'm broken because of anxiety or depression. I'm also tired of feeling like something is wrong with me because I have... Continue Reading →

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