From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges

It Would Happen

I’d like to think I’m a good person, most days. I like to lend a helping hand. I like to give support. I like to help anyone in need to the best of my ability. And that’s what happened even when I knew I shouldn’t have. Someone I once knew needed help and I helped. But it also was a sacrifice. It cost me my heart. And now I need to find a way to take it back. Continue reading “It Would Happen”

To Pops and Beyond

Saying goodbye never gets easier. No matter how many times, or to what degree you have to do it. And, this goodbye is no different.

Today, I received news that a good friend of mine was struggling with the very, very recent passing of their dad. When I heard the news this morning of his passing my heart went out to the family. Continue reading “To Pops and Beyond”

What’s In A Name

I was gently reminded this weekend that I have to be kinder to myself (thank you). So, in an effort to do that  figure I get a little down and dirty in figuring out who exactly I am. I need to be able to look at who I was in the past and be proud of who I’m becoming now. Honestly, I take a look at my friends who at my age (or even younger) have their acts together. Continue reading “What’s In A Name”

Stuffed Nutella Hotcakes

Stuffed. Nutella. Hotcakes. I mean does this recipe really need anymore of an introduction? Seriously, you already had me at hotcakes. Most people do. Then you add Nutella and I think I’ve fallen in love.  Continue reading “Stuffed Nutella Hotcakes”

Finding Peace

Have you ever felt that indescribable feeling where complete and utter calm flows through your entire body and everything in life – even though it is pretty chaotic – settles? It is that moment where even if the grass is greener on the other side, even if the rain is pelting you and the clouds are dark, you know that everything works out together for good. Continue reading “Finding Peace”

Hey All! Wanted to make sure I let you all knowing that I created a new blog, Flores Adoption Adventures, to document the journey my husband and I are on to grow our family.

I’ve been thinking a great deal of a way to ensure that the little one(s) we adopt know their story. While I knew I wanted to document it, I just didn’t know how. I started blogging about the adoption decision and process on this blog but somehow it just didn’t 100% fit. I wanted a place that was special because this process is special and because the little one needs to understand while they are not born from me they were born for me. So, here we are.

While the blog will record every step, process, feeling and thought that we have in regards to the Foster to Adopt world, it will also touch on how we got here. This includes being open about PCOS, infertility, MTHR Mutation, Miscarriages/Pregnancies and all that other fun stuff. When my little one is old enough they need to know why we chose them.

If you are following me because you want to join me in this experience please visit my adoption blog here.

All of my love. xoxo

Portland Plague


This is not a test. I repeat, this is not a test. Attention, an event of unknown origin has begun in your area. In order to ensure your safety you must perform the following actions. Deviation will result in loss of your quality of life. Do not open any external doors. Do not open any windows. Do attempt to bar any Portlandian from entering your home. If they enter, hold your breath and attempt to neutralize the target as soon as possible. Small children, impaired individuals and old humans you can’t keep from holding their breath should be abandoned. Repeat, hold your breath and neutralize the target or abandon the area. Leave your television or radio on to await the all clear. Good luck.

Continue reading “Portland Plague”

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